TECHTRA appearance: As a guest of Agrya for the sustainability and development of Hungarian agriculture

The Hungarian Association of Young Farmers, Agrya, held the workshop conference „Farmers for Sustainability” on February 15, 2023.

 [Hiperhivatkozás beszúrása: Program / Agrya beszámoló] The professional program of the event was strengthened by Dr Péter Feldmann, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Péter Pillók, the director of Századvég, Attila Kökény, an expert from Agreena, and Tibor Gulyás CEO, representing the TECHTRA Technology Transfer Institute, gave a presentation entitled „The importance of dual-purpose developments in agriculture”.

In his presentation, Tibor Gulyás explained the place and role of TECHTRA as part of the ecosystem operating and being built under the Board of Trustees of the Széchenyi István University Foundation, as well as the institute’s organization, goals and task performance system, and presented the National Laboratory of Cooperative.

During the event, we not only appeared with a professional presentation, but also assessed and identified the possibilities and frameworks of cooperation between TECHTRA and Agrya. Our public task is knowledge management, so during our cooperation with the Hungarian Association of Young Farmers, we set ourselves the goal of getting to know the needs of the agricultural field, to which we offer an effective response from the development side. We want to use our own research results and skills as mediators when we prioritize the market interests of agriculture and the advantages of multi-purpose use from the technological and educational side.