TECHTRA also judged at the HSUP Demo Day

As a member of the Hungarian Business Angel Network (HUNBAN) we had the opportunity to participate in the HSUP Demo Day 2023 event, where Péter Fehérvári, Head of our Knowledge and Technology Transfer Division, represented TECHTRA as a jury member.

On 12 July 2023, the SHUP Demo Day took place at the Halász Gedeon Event Centre in Kápolnásnyék, where the best project teams of the third academic year of the Hungarian Startup University Program were represented to the professional jury. The event was organised in the framework of the Neumann János Programme, established by the National Innovation Agency. The Demo Day consisted of several exciting parts. During the day, the best twenty teams out of 194 project teams from 31 partner institutions were given the opportunity to present their projects’ content and development results in pitches.

Péter Fehérvári, Head of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Division, was one of the judges at the HSUP Demo Day 2023.

The jury of ten judges was made up of several renowned and experienced professionals in two sections. Péter Fehérvári judged the „A” section, where three of the ten projects presented were outstanding. The projects recognised were:

RELECTRO – TRECH: The team works in the field of rehabilitation. Using artificial intelligence and advanced sensor networks, they can detect and correct inappropriate knee joint movements. The system can be tailored to individual needs and helps therapists to maximise patient progress.

HOLOSAPIENS: The HoloSapiens team aims to support medical education through augmented and mixed reality. They use 3D holographic technology to create interactive and experiential learning opportunities. They aim to increase the efficiency of education and reduce learning time.

KOMPOSZTFARM: Komposztfarm focuses on recycling food waste that is not suitable for human consumption. They aim to produce a high-quality nutrient solution rich in microbial life. The team is committed to providing sustainable knowledge to farmers and individuals.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this exciting event, learn about unconventional projects, and contribute to the showcase of these young, emerging teams!