Startup workshop held at Corvinus University of Budapest with the participation of TECHTRA

TECHTRA participated in the workshop „Startups in the Hungarian Ecosystem” organised by the Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB), where several innovative entrepreneurship ideas were presented.

The event provided an opportunity for TECHTRA to share the Institute’s achievements, and present its current operations, the National Laboratory for Cooperative Technologies, and their future plans in a presentation on Defence Innovation and Dual Use. Within the theme of technology and knowledge transfer, which is a major part of the Institute’s activities, TECHTRA also attaches great importance to developing relationships with emerging and operating start-ups and the ecosystem. For this reason, the organizers deserve special recognition for the quality of the event, which was a highly professional and meaningful event.

The aim of the professional day was to familiarize students and interested parties – through some of the supporters and actors of the Hungarian entrepreneurial ecosystem – with the difficulties encountered, the opportunities, and good practices, as well as to provide insight into market contexts that help young entrepreneurs who want to consciously build and market their entrepreneurial ideas and projects. During the first half of the day, academic and market speakers shared their experiences and suggestions with the participants. Among the speakers were Dr. Réka Matolay (Corvinus Science Shop), Máté Czvitkó (the CUB PoC competition winner), Dr. Ferenc Dávid (TECHTRA), Dr. János Vecsenyi (CUB), Tamás Bagi (Nexten Informatics Ltd.), László Kiss (HelloPay Ltd.) and Tamás Turcsán (founder of In the second half of the day, 15 student projects were represented in 8-minute slots. During the presentations, the teams explained the essence of the projects, the problem statement, and the target market. They also paid particular attention to presenting the specific problem they wanted to solve, how they planned to do it, as well as their potential collaborating partners, pricing strategy, and business model.
As the projects were not in the final MVP phase at the presentation time (MVPs are due by the end of May), an important element of the evaluators’ work was supporting the guidance and development path. The evaluators were Tamás Bagi (Nexten Informatics Ltd.), László Kiss (HelloPay Ltd.), Tamás Turcsán (founder of, and Péter Fehérvári (TECHTRA).