Research and Development Division

The task of the Research and Development Division is to carry out defense R&D activities using research resources. The division professionally supports the definition and implementation of the R&D strategic priorities of the domestic defense industry; builds a permanent relationship with the research sites and platforms of higher education institutions, research institutes and related organizations; contributes to the coordination of activities to strengthen resilience through related national innovation platforms and professional coalitions; professionally supports the stakeholders in the publication of tender goals for multi-purpose developments; professionally supervises and monitors the professional implementation of multi-purpose research; professionally supports the utilization of the results of the developments; supports the establishment of R&D collaborations with international and domestic defense industry companies, and the implementation of programs and projects. The main research directions of the division are artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, AR-VR, energy, as well as modern materials and production technologies.

High-quality, dual-purpose applied research, adapted to domestic specificities.