Purpose and system of tasks of TECHTRA

As one of Hungary’s most important R+D+I centres, the TECHTRA Technology Transfer Institute Non-profit Ltd. has set itself the goal of supporting industrial development activities that promote national resilience. TECHTRA also provides research, development, and other related assistance to the state and professional partners to successfully research multipurpose technologies and their use. TECHTRA is a research centre with independent research capacity, which with its knowledge centres in Budapest, Szeged and Zalaegerszeg directly serve the innovation needs aimed at dual-use technologies.

Defence industry vision

By 2030, Hungary’s defence industry will develop into a dominant player in the region. The domestic defence industry provides the equipment and service requirements required to fulfil the tasks of the Hungarian Defense Forces at the high level of self-sufficiency expected based on national security considerations. Using its competitive products and free capacities, it successfully appears in foreign markets and connects to international supply chains. The defence industry’s research, development and innovation capacity (R+F+I) will be strengthened to achieve the goals and achieve economic sustainability. The knowledge base of the domestic defence industry is provided by domestic educational and research institutes.

TECHTRA's most important tasks

In addition to the above system of tasks, TECHTRA is also a research centre with independent research capacity, which with its knowledge centres in Budapest, Szeged and Zalaegerszeg directly serve the needs of dual-use technological innovation. The creation and operation of TECHTRA create an ecosystem that can coordinate the needs, resources, and opportunities of those involved. TECHTRA fulfils a dual role. On the one hand, as a research institute in its own right, it implements R+D+I projects. It does research rather than development projects. It typically participates in development activities in cooperation with companies. On the other hand, it coordinates and monitors domestic dual-use R+D+I processes and collaborations. TECHTRA plays a vital role in the development of the domestic knowledge base. Among the interventions related to the strategic pillars, one particularly important, defining element is presented in the executive summary.
The domestic defence industry strategy is based on four fundamental pillars:

Strengthening defence industry R+D+I capabilities

The second pillar of the strategy aims to strengthen the innovative capacity, which is indispensable for the sustainable development of the defence industry and for the outstanding role to be achieved in our geographical proximity. The competitiveness and sustainable operation of defence industry companies are fundamentally determined by the industry’s innovative capacity and potential. To strengthen this, the concentration and focus of resources, the strengthening of coordination between participants and stakeholders, and the so-called conscious management of dual-use research and investments are necessary.

Strengthening defence industry R+D+I capabilities

Strengthening priority research directions and technologies
Coordination of civilian and military research
Increase and efficient use of defence industry R+D+I expenditures
Technology Transfer Institute (TECHTRA)
The Defense Innovation Research Institute (DIRI), established in 2021 under the auspices of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, was renamed the Technology Transfer Institute by the Ministry of Technology and Industry, established in 2022, following an agreement concluded with the Ministry of National Defense. Simultaneously with the transformation of the Ministry of Technology and Industry, the decision was made that the Technology Transfer Institute would come under the auspices of the Széchenyi István University Foundation’s Board of Trustees with an asset grant.


TECHTRA’s place and role in the performance of tasks related to the defence industry are to be at the centre. Academic (e.g. universities and research institutes, technology platforms) and market players (e.g. large companies and SMEs) can cooperate with the Technology Transfer Institute in Budapest, Szeged and Zalaegerszeg. Areas of cooperation: applied research, priority research programs, laser and basic research, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence (AI), energy, testing and validation of procedures. The cooperation runs parallel to the activities of the Defense Innovation Research Institute (DIRI) under the Ministry of National Defense and N7 Holding Ltd., which carry out their activities within the framework of the Defense Innovation Strategy.


TECHTRA’s functions include mapping, R+D+I strategic decision support, proprietary R+D+I activity, project utilization, monitoring and supervision of external R+D+I projects, data analysis capacities, investment support, knowledge management, training support, communication, coordination, scouting activities and corporate relationship building.
TECHTRA is also the program leader of the National Laboratory of Cooperative Technologies. The National Laboratory of Cooperative Technologies is a program and tool suitable for the development of the infrastructural and professional base that fulfils the intellectual, innovative and coordinative tasks of military development. The National Laboratory of Cooperative Technologies builds and develops innovation capacities and competencies in the defence industry. Its main goal is the physical and content realization of an „innovation space” that plays a key role in the digitalization, research and development of industry and the associated defence industry at national and regional levels. The domestic defence innovation developments aim to build a defence innovation system (ecosystem) that produces dual-use (military and civilian) products and is based on domestic research and knowledge base, relying on the existing and developable competencies and capacities of domestic universities and research institutes.